Design changes not saving without warning resulting in hours of lost work


Hi all,

This afternoon for a few hours I was working on a very basic schematic. Other than a bathroom break once or twice, my computer was awake with a stable and consistent network connection the entire time.

That being said, at some point, (I don’t know exactly when) changes that I was making to the schematic stopped syncing with the server. I periodically check the “Last saved X minutes ago” counter in the top right corner, but it never went up over 8 minutes which I thought could be possible for the last time I made a change. Unfortunately, this was not at all the case.

When I eventually noticed this I was pretty concerned, so I tried moving around a component or net which would normally trigger a save, but the “Last saved 8 minutes ago” wouldn’t change, it was stuck. I never received any sort of warning about a lost server connection I never had any indication at all that this occurred until I actually looked closely at the aforementioned counter in the top right corner.

At this point I was really concerned that I had lots of unsaved changes, so my immediate thought was to export my project and save locally to avoid completely losing my work, but the only place that you can export from is the project overview page, and in another tab when I went to the project overview, it was essentially a blank project from hours ago and any exported files reflected this. I also looked and searched on the internet for a way to manually force a save to the server but could not find any such option.

As a result, I had to refresh the editor and just as I feared none of my changes had been saved, I was now looking at a blank editor with a blank project.

I have enjoyed upverter so far, but with the risk of this happening again I simply cannot put hours of effort into a project on this platform. I would love to find out that this was somehow user error on my part and I will simply correct my workflow in the future, but I am worried that this is not the case.

Luckily, this project was going to eventually be part of a tutorial I am working on and much of the time I spent working was screen recorded and narrated by myself so I have video evidence of this issue! I will edit a short clip showing what I am referring to and can include it here if that helps at all.

I am simply looking for answers. What happened, and is it even possible to avoid in the future? Did I do something wrong?

Thanks in advance for any insight anyone can offer.


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