Custom solder mask and copper layers


I want to create front panels for a synthesizer using PCB material. I wonder if it’s possible to accomplish with Upverter?

Ideally, I would like to export visuals from Illustrator (in the exact size of the board) and place them in the right layer in Upverter. I understand that this might not be the right workflow though.

I want to reveal some copper parts by creating a custom solder mask. I also want to add graphics on the silkscreen layer. Lastly, I want to create shapes in the copper layer, so they look embossed under the solder mask.

Here is the design and layers.

Any suggestions?


I Roey,
Interesting project. You should totally be able to do this. The snag will probably be in importing the graphics from illustrator. Export to SVG first. I don’t know if you can use Illustrator files or not, but I know SVG works fine. Also verify the actual physical dimensions of the image once imported. graphics can be applied to the copper, solder mask and silkscreen layers by default, so you shouldn’t have a problem doing this for your boards. You can try adding your cut-out layer to the copper layer and then moving it to “mechanical”, but I’m not sure if it can be done. You may have to add it to silkscreen, add the cut-outs to mechanical, and then remove it from the silkscreen layer afterward.