Crowdsourced quality control for parts (voting)

One of the great things about Upverter is the shared part library. Even so early in Upverter’s life, the part results list is sometimes crowded with a few parts that are very similar and may be useful to you.

To leverage the crowdsourced nature even more, it would be great to see a quality score associated with each part in the search window. Quality could be awarded for completeness (filling out all of the fields and linking a datasheet) and for social success (has gotten upvotes from other people who have used/reviewed the part).

Further, to help with this goal of creating a quality community part library, it would be great to have an “interactive” style guide open/available when creating a part. Something that would list best practices and style guidelines for creating parts such that they will be well received by the Upverter community. This could have comments about correctly naming parts, it could provide links to exemplary parts, and guide the user step by step through ensuring all of the appropriate information is available for a part.