Creating through-hole parts

What’s the right way to add a plated thorugh hole for a component? When I add a hole via ‘Add Hole (h)’, I have to manually add solder mask on both sides and then when inspecting a created hole, I get this:

Additionally, none of the settings are saved so if I want to place another hole, I have to create it from scratch again.

And when I click on through holes in verified components I get a completely different menu:

Am I doing something wrong?

Dear Andrey,
After you manually add solder mask and other settings and click the button save the hole would be placed in the center of editor table (where the cross is). The placed hole is possible to be drag. After open the “Add hole” one more time the settings should be the same, so you can put the same hole again.
While inspecting the created hole should not be the different setting or even other menu. We cannot reproduce the described in your post behavior. Perhaps it relates to special part?
Thanks for your topic anyway and if there are any additional questions please do not hesitate to ask.