Creating Multi-page schematics

Is there a way to break up schematics onto multiple pages? My schematics are getting quite large…

I see that modules are an option. but it makes my design public, and I cannot do that right now.

Any ideas?


While modules are a heavy-weight option for doing so, a straightforward approach would be use different regions for different parts of the schematic. Recall that in Upverter, any two wires named the same will be considered the same net, so you’re not required to actually draw wires or busses between each signal.

An example is the Open Activity Tracker, where we’ve used notes to label different regions of the schematic:


I already use netnames freely around the sheet to connect items. But it is sometime hard to find where something goes. I am used to offpage pins with page and xy grid locations on multipage schematics.

good idea to use the actvity tracker. At least it can zoom me into the area quicker. My design is quite large and finding my way around is now challenging.

Perhaps a tag on netnames indicating which Activity box they are in and a quick pan/zoom feature for that box might help.


Good ideas! Clicking a net name in the sidebar should also pan/zoom you to the relevant net. Does that help at all?