Creating a Test Project - beginners questions



I’m new to upverter and have some questions and would be grateful if i can have some assistance.

  1. What is the difference between the area inside the blue lines and the orange lines? Is one of them the PCB Board?

  2. For the hole saying “hole larger than 0.889 mm”, am I able to delete them? Or can I move them onto something like the PCB Board? Is the error stating the hole is too large?

I’m trying to create a simple example project.




Hi Jeff,

The blue lines are on “Mechanical Details” layer and those are the PCB outline - that generates a gerber file for the board shape to be used by the manufacturer.

The hole size is larger than your maximum allowed in the constraints. Just click the Constraints button at the top and find the hole size constraint for your design, and set the maximum to whatever you intend to be allowable.

Hope that helps,