Create Part - processing delay -?


Hi. Newbie question here.

Over the past couple days I’ve had to create some parts myself. Just due to lack of presence in shared databases. Entered part numbers, product specs, created footprints, and assigned component symbols. All simple passives, of types used in other designs here. With the exception of one part, though, my entries have not been recognized / finalized / whatever.

Any ideas re what I’m doing wrong? Is 24+ hrs normal for turnaround time on this process?

Note: I’ve tried to read related support topics. And I’m not talking about Concierge Verification here. Just trying to get part ID + symbol to show up in my Parts Library.

Thanks much.


Hi. Follow up to above…

Got some help from a friend. Failed to assign pins initially, and wasn’t clear on everything needed for footprint. So a little closer to having a usable part now.

However… I’m still getting pop-ups re “pending edits” when saving in Component Editor… and new parts still appearing as “None” in my Parts Library.

Could use some support help, please.

Thanks much.


I’m happy to help.
Edits made in your library should be showing up right away.

Could you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing? Also the URL of the component editor would be helpful too. That way I can take a look at some logs and see if there are errors on the backend.


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Hi Stephen.

It must be magic. I can now save parts.


Thanks a ton for getting on this issue. Very much appreciated.



Glad to hear it! If you experience any other issues let us know. If it seems like you’re running into a bug, another good option is to email, This can sometimes get triaged faster than reporting errors on the forum.



Shoot. Spoke too soon.




This may be unrelated to saving this specific component. I’m taking a look at logs to see if I can tell what’s happening. I’ll update you when I know a bit more.



There were some elevated error rates on some API calls right around when you saw this latest error. I think the issue has been cleared.
Are you still experiencing any issues with the component editor?


No… All seems to be well at moment, Stephen.

Many thanks for your help.