Connect Via to NET while routing

VIAS are inserted automatically while routing from one layer to another. What I want to see is that VIA get the same net association as the trace being routed. It consumes so much time to have to go back to each via and connect it to the same net name.


You shouldn’t need to add nets associations for traces in nets. Vias are able to implicitly use the name of the net they are connected to automatically.

The only place where it’s an issue is when using a via to stich pours together. Doing a “repour all” can cause some pours to back away unexpectedly because of an indeterminate net on the via during the pours.

If you need to, you can assign a net to multiple vias at the same time by setting your selection filter to only vias,

selecting a group of vias, and then hitting the inspect button on the right sidebar in the property inspector.

If I don’t I get flooded with DRC errors and I can barely see my cursor cause they are floating all above them. And I get a ton of over-connected nets. I have to go in and explicitly select a net and tell it not to connect to a layer that has a pour i don’t want it to connect to.

If you place vias after placing a pour, you’ll need to repour the pour to have it back away from the vias on different nets.

Yeah, I do that. Still connects the net to the pour if I don’t explicitly connect it to a net and avoid that layer.