Component has unplaced footprint


Constraint violations recently appeared on a design without my (knowingly) altering anything in that part of the design. It states “component has unplaced footprint”. I have been able to reproduce this error in a test layout by adding a component and then deleting its footprint in the layout without removing the component in the schematic, but in my case the footprint is still visible in the layout.


  • Does anyone know what causes this problem?
  • What can be done to correct it?


It appears we have a bug with this.

If you delete a footprint, the associated symbol will stay. To remove the component, that has to be done on the schematic.

If you delete the footprint, you will receive a constraint error. In the part list, if you click on the part without a footprint (that you deleted) it will add the footprint back. This is where the bug is, the error won’t go away until you move the footprint. We’ll need to fix that.



Thanks for the answer. When you say “the error won’t go away until you move the footprint”, do you mean “remove”? Like, I have to remove the footprint and add it again?


I had this problem yesterday. I fixed it by deleting the components (6 of them) from the schematic and placing new ones, then numbering them so I don’t have U133, U134 etc.

Today it happened again. It was completely spontaneous. One minute everything was OK and suddenly 8 components had the same error; the 6 I fixed yesterday and two more. Is this going to keep happening?


Hi @gavrilo.bozovic and @rkeith,

I have filed a bug with the engineering team to take a look at it.

does this still happen if you reload the design while it is in the error state?




I was just able to load up the original project that I was unable to load last time I tried. There is no problem with that. That one did not have the error, but it was impossible to load because it was stuck on "Requesting design snapshot which I related in another thread.

The two projects I forked from the original, and which developed the error immediately something was changed, still have the error.


I spoke too soon. As soon as I made one change to the original project, all of the same ICs threw the error. The project is now saved with the error and the error is still there when I reload the project.


OK, The engineering team will look into it, hopefully they have a fix soon.


If you like I can give you the ID of the particular project - that is if you let me know where to find the ID.




if you send me the link to the project page, the design ID is in it.




Hi Michael,

This is the project:




Thanks, I will add that to the ticket!


Reloading didn’t change anything for me. I deleted and re-placed the affected components at all places where I had the mistake so I can’t share a design with this error unfortunately.


No problem, this is on the list to be looked at, I am hoping it is fixed either this week or next week. I will update again when we have it fixed.