Circular board outline not registering in 3D model or gerber

I’ve been trying to create a circular PCB and have tried both importing a DXF of a circle and drawing an arc. Despite being on the mechanical details layer neither method creates an outline that registers when I look at the 3D model or gerber files. There were no errors importing the dxf and I tried both closed and open shapes with the arc tool. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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Same issue.

Are you using to look at the gerbers? They have a bug and are not able to display the circular board outline. If you use a program like GERBV it’ll show the outline correctly.

You are right, KiCAD’s GerbView does show the outline. The 3D model viewer inside the upverter doesn’t though.

Hey Andrey,

Yes there’s an issue with 3D. We already have it in our tracker to be looked at.


This seems to be affecting my project, too – the 3D design doesn’t show the rounded rectangular board.
When I add a through hole, the 3D model shows only the through-hole as “board”, with the actual circuitry floating in midair.
It’s my first PCB design, so I’m trying to triple-check that I’ve set it up right. :slight_smile:

If I can verify that this is just a display issue, I can finally send this design to the printer!

Hi Alex,

I can confirm that it is a the missing 3D board is a display issue. Your board outline is in your design. Sorry about that. we are working on a better 3D generator … hopefully it will be ready in a couple of months.

Good luck!