Changing global size of through holes


I have a Voltera V-One pcb printer and I’m using Upverter to create PCB’s for it but have a slight issue with through hole components in that the printer needs to drill a slightly bigger hole of 1.6mm instead of the 1mm through holes in the library footprints (as the printer inserts through rivets with an outer diameter of 1.6 and inner of 1.0mm) . Do i need to create my own footprints for all the components or is there an easy way of globally updating through hole footprints to 1.6mm ?

The best solution I can think of is to place 1.6mm non-plated through-holes over each footprint hole. Then when you download your Excellon files from the project overview page, you should get two files: One for plated drills, and one for unplated drills. Just use the unplated drill file to program your device.