Center mouse button pan problem

Just wondering if this is a common issue:

The pan feature using the center mouse button only works after holding down the button for about half a second. Even then, it only works intermittently. If I hold the button down and immediately start moving the mouse, it draws a dashed rectangle like it’s trying to select. I tried this on multiple PCs with both firefox and chrome.

We actually don’t differentiate between mouse buttons in the editor. Left-click is the same as middle and right.

There are four ways to pan around in your design:

  1. Click the Pan icon (the hand) on the left tool bar. Now, any dragging you do will pan around.
  • You can select another mode or press Escape to go back to select mode.
  1. Click-and-hold the mouse for a short time. It can be a little tricky at first because you have to keep the mouse still until it switches to pan mode. You’ll be able to see the hand icon get selected and then you’ll be able to move the mouse to pan.
  • This only works in select mode. (The default mode.)
  1. Hold down the space bar. You’ll immediately go into pan mode and you’ll pan with any mouse movement.
  • This works in any mode.
  • Letting go of the space bar will put you back into your previous mode.
  1. You can also press the arrow keys to pan in steps.
  • This also works in any mode.