Can't download NC Drill

I have finished my project and I am trying to download manufacturing files. I can download all of them except the “NC Drill (Excellon)” file. There is a red warning sign that says “export failed”. Sometimes there is also a yellow warning saying “you will get an email”, but I did not get any.

Hi Dani, This is an interesting error, and I’ll pass it along to the team. My suggestion for the meantime is to fork the design and try the download again from the copy. Also, changing the design will cause these files to be regenerated, possibly fixing the problem. Try regenerating a pour or adjusting a via diameter and then undoing the change, then downloading the files again.

Thank you for the fast response. I have tried everything you suggest (forking, regenerating pour, changing via size) and the problem persists. I the forked design, I can download every file except the NC Drill file.

@dani_sbrk Could you please share your design with me so we could confirm the test case?

@dani_sbrk Seems the problem caused by rectangular holes. You have components J1-J14 (Schurter 4832.2211) with rect hole, causing NC exporter to fail. I don’t even know what to suggest as a workaround now. This is a serious problem in Upverter, we’ll try to solve it soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you for your help. Can you give me an estimate date on when can Upverter fix this bug?

We’ll try to get to it next week (2-4 Sep 2020)

Hi @AndriiSh, are there any updates on this issue? Thank you

Hi @dani_sbrk, your problem is scheduled for the upcoming release, it requires some bigger amount of work than we expected, I’m sorry for the delay.

A quick(ish) fix would be to modify the footprint holes from “Rectangle” to “Slot”. This has the effect of rounding the corners, but that geometry is currently understood by our NCdrill exporting tool.

@jonathan.fraser thank you for your suggestion. If the wait for the new release is not too long, I would prefer to wait and keep the rectangle hole, because my project is 100% finished and I wouldn’t want to reopen it again just for this. @AndriiSh any idea when the new release is expected?

Hi @AndriiSh, can you please give me an estimate release date for the version that fixes this? I have to decide if I wait or I change the footprint, so I would like to know how long it will take approximately: weeks? months?

Hi @dani_sbrk, we going to release this fix in 2 week, before Oct 1st 2020

That is great, thank you

@dani_sbrk Hi Dani, we fixed your problem with rect holes, re-try exporting NC drills, please. You will get 2 files in the zip:

  • design_export-plated-all.drill - contains all plated holes except rectangular
  • design_export-plated-rect-all.drill - contains plated rectangular holes only, rendered as Excellon slots

Most known PCB fabs asking to provide separate drill files for rectangular holes, because they may require special milling, you should discuss it with the fab. In our case, we making slot sizes equal to rectangular hole sizes, but the fab may require increased slot length. To validate the hole footprint, the fab may use the drill file from the Upverter Gerber export package (you will find design_export.xln in the zip after exporting Gerbers)

Thank you, I just tried it and both drill files (standard and rect) are downloading correctly.