Cannot unclick "Private NDA Part" button

Hi I am new to Upverter and am wondering if I found a bug or there is some fix I am still unaware of as a noob.

I clicked NDA Part on a new part I was creating, then realizing it is not an NDA part, went to unclick it, however the checkbox is frozen. I cannot undo this move. Anyone know what’s wrong?

I’m not entirely certain and have been unable to reproduce the bug. Had you saved the part since checking the box? For reasons specific to NDA contracts, I can understand why this box would become immutable once set. Try creating a fork of the part and uncheck the box there. If that doesn’t work, you’ll probably have to re-create the part from scratch. The NDA checkbox should essentially keep the part private to yourself, so if the part being public isn’t important to you for now, just carry on with your design FTTB.

Thanks for your reply Keith. I tried creating a fork but the NDA status remained unchanged in the fork. I don’t see how else to change it except to re-create the part from scratch. Annoying to be sure.