Cannot join team

I requested access to a team, they clicked accept, and I still have the status of (waiting) and cannot see projects or contribute. For them I am joined to the team. I can go on the team page but it says there are no projects.
What should I do to gain access to the team?

Thank you for reaching out to Upverter support.

Please make sure to preform a hard refresh in your browser to clear your cache, if the issue persists log out & log in again.

Lastly you may need to cancel your request to join & start fresh. I tried to recreate the issue on and was unsuccessful. Hope this clears up your issue!

Hi Stewart,

I logged out, then logged in on a new tab using Chrome’s incognito mode, canceled my request to join my company’s team, and tried to join again. When my supervisor tried to accept my request, he got a server-side error: “Something’s wrong on server side”

My email:
Team name: BWLighting


Thank you Jason for your response, I have raised the issue to our team & we are working to solve this issue.

Thank you for your patience,


Hi Stewart, has any progress been made? In the mean time I have been using my coworker’s account, but understandably this workaround is not ideal.

Hi Jason, I have raised the issue to our development team. In the meantime may I ask, do you have any projects on your account? In this unique case, you may have to delete & recreate your account to fix the issue. Again, I appreciate the inconvenience & apologize for this situation.