Cannot generate footprint

I am trying to create the footprint for component ATTINY1604-SSNR but there seems to be a bug on the program as I am not able to create it, I have ene tried with the default distances and still cannot create it. Thank you

Well I remember trying that a while ago, and it was broken as you experienced also.
Best to just do it manually (one pad at a time, with some maths), and don’t rely on anyone to fix anything here.

Yeah I ended up using a footprint from another component.

What’s going on with Upverter? I have been using it for nearly two years and although buggy sometimes there was a team working to improve it.

Now it seems they all vanished. I am looking to start using Kicad instead.

No idea what is going on with them. I was a long time user and promoter of it as well, but since it was acquired by Altium, the quality of support has gone down, and overall product development seems halted. Just look at the graveyard of forum posts without any reply from the official team.

For new projects migration is the only solution, but for users like me that have invested too much into this dying platform, there is only an inevitable and painful outcome when they finally shut it down. I guess we’re on our own.

Yes I have commercial projects from paying clients in here so this kind of worries me.

To be honest I’ll be happy to pay at this point for this to become a proper SW (of course not as much as Altium but something between $100 to $200)

Hi Roberto. Rest assured that Upverter is still being maintained. While not much has been added recently as far as features are concerned, but the dev team is actively working on the code to make sure it continues to improve in stability and functionality, and that your designs are safe and secure.
I have been and will be reviewing the backlog of forum posts and delivering bug reports and feature requests to the developers as I find them.
Upverter will remain a free tool, and is not going anywhere.

Great to hear this!