Cannot export design data in Gerver format

When I try to export the Gerver files in this (public) project:

I get redirected to:

Where I get an HTTP 500 response:

@mwoodworth33, any chance this has an easy fix? :thinking:

Thank you guys for the report. The mentioned problem is known we hope we will resolve it asap.

@OlVl Known since when? If I may know. :wink:

About a couple weeks ago

@OlVl That seems like a lot, considering projects could be stalled waiting for manufacturing because of that. :sweat_smile:

Is there an ETA to fix it? :innocent:

Due to lack of resourses this issue would take time.

@Olv Sad to hear so, it seems to me like a very serious issue if you cannot download your own design for manufacturing. Why would you want to use Upverter then? :roll_eyes: