Bulk resizing of traces

Hi All,

I’d like to resize all the traces of my PCB layout to a new width. When I select multiple traces at once, if they all have the same size, by double clicking on one of them I can select a new width and apply it.

However, if the selected traces have different sizes, on double clicking one of them the width field is “yellowed out”, and if I input a value there, it gets ignored and the traces width is not updated.

Is there a way to update traces width at once for traces of different sizes? Many thanks!


Following up, I’m trying to set up a script to resize traces, setting the width parameter of the Trace object, according to the API at https://upverter.com/apidocs/

However, I can’t find a way of iterating through the traces in the project. In the script editor, there’s an “api” object, and an “up.api” one, but I can’t understand which classes from the documented API they implement, and how I’m expected to navigate them.

Does anyone has any experience? Thanks!