Bug in Tutorial

Im trying to run the interactive tutorial, but when I try to do a part request for the TPS73633DBV the Get Quote button is greyed out and says to “Enable paid requests to continue”. When I click the “Enable paid requests” button I get the error saying “Contact the administrator of your organization to update the concierge preferences for this design”. It won’t let me move forward in the tutorial. Has anyone had this issue and solved it? Any help would be great. Thanks in advance!


Hi Isaac,

We have scheduled this issue to be fixed.
It should be working in a few days.

Hey Maksym,

The bug I reported above is working now! I did run into another bug in the PCB tutorial. When I get to the section to test the Layout my Board function, I click Layout my Board in the Services tab but nothing happens. I also can’t click next to move forward in the tutorial. Is this going to be fixed as well? Thanks!