Bug: generic bus connector showing as unverified

I’ve just started using upverter and created a new schematic with a bus. Upon connecting any wire to the bus I get the little automatically inserted white “generic bus connector” - which is great - but each one has an X above it and the tooltip indicates that “Component Generic bus connector is unverified.” This seems wrong as it’s not even a part (not visible in parts list). This post (How do I configure buses?) showing bus configuration doesn’t have the Xs, so perhaps this is a recent regression?

Screenshot of issue: https://imgur.com/HPGxYJs

Hi @benvanik,

That does look incorrect. I will file a bug, but it might take a while to get this one fixed. This will not change the design, it should just be cosmetic.

The connectors are being added as a component, they should not be included in the design rule that check components. sorry for the UI mixup on this one.