Bottom Silk Problems


I have been trying to no avail to get a rear silk image onto my board. I have uploaded various files in many formats, but the bulk of them get an unknown condition after I go though the upload process. Occasionally a file will upload successfully, but will be substantially smaller than my board. Any help would be much appreciated as a rear silk is a very cool way to add some style to a board.

What is the preferred image format?
Does the image size relate at all to the size of the board?
Should the rear silk be a mirror image of what I actually want on the board?
Is there a tutorial or detailed instructions about this process?




I ran into a similar problem the other day. I managed to come up with a solution that worked well enough, that I’ll share here, but I hope there’s a better answer than what I did.

When you get the modal window for adding the image, there is a drop-down at the bottom of that window. Just select bottom silkscreen. I’ve found that Upverter’s modal windows don’t always show all of the elements depending on your screen resolution. Try to make your browser window larger or use a larger monitor if the bottom of the window is getting cut off.

I used PNG and that seemed okay.

I’m not sure about the image being relative to the size of the board. There doesn’t seem to be a way to resize the image while guaranteeing a fix aspect ratio (e.g. no Shift+drag) and I always messed up the aspect ratio when I tried to resize it. I ended up making my image in 5 different resolutions because different resolutions did correspond to different sizes on the PCB. I tried 200px, 400px, 600px, 800px, 1000px and picked the one that was closest to the size I wanted.

No. When you “flip” the layer view in Upverter, you will see it as expected.

I would find that helpful as well if there was one. :confused:

Good luck!