Back Annotate Schematic from PCB

Is there plans to have the option to renumber reference designators based on the location on the PCB and then back annotate the change to the schematic?

As an example, if I was able to do this then I’d look for R5 near in the upper, right area of the board, where U55 would probably be further down (assuming numbering began at the upper right and worked its way down to lower left).

I have found having reference designators organized in this way beneficial during debugging of a board.

We’ve been alpha-testing a script to renumber reference designators based on their position on the schematic, but hadn’t considered basing it on the PCB…

Alternatively, clicking on a component on the PCB should highlight the corresponding signal on the schematic. We also have a pretty nifty search box at the upper-right corner of the screen. You can also press Ctrl-F to go to it.

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Doing searches on a computer works well, but I have found most board bring up and debugging happens with a printed schematic. Not too big a deal with 4-9 square inch boards, but with larger boards with hundreds of components it’s a nice feature to have. Just a suggestion.