Auto rename and number

After a few days editing my schematic, including cloning diagrams, I have components with names like R234 and U85. The truth is, there are only about 20 resistors and 6 chips. It would be nice if there was a routine which would re-allocate numbers from Left to right and top to bottom in a schematic. Maybe there is? I can’t find it. HELP.

I’m looking for the same thing. I’ve been editing each manually and it’s a pain.

Lets try to get a movement going :slight_smile:

I have had some further thought on renumbering.

It would be nice if you could lock a component number so that it would not be touched by the renumbering process. I say this because there would come a point in the project life cycle when you might write supporting documentation referring to a part and you would not want the number for that specific component to change. Without a lock, you would need to constantly proof read your documentation until the project was set in concrete.

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There is a way! in the scripts tab in the right hand bar there is an “ReNumber Refdes”, you can press run and it will renumber the refdes of all the components for you!

Hope this is helps.

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