Allegro 16.6 PCB files do not import into upverter

I have tried and I cannot import Allegro 16.6 PCB files into upverter. What is the limits of your importer?

For orcad and allegro you need to download our converter. @rcfox can you share the link with @gcurry.

The download link and instructions for the conversion script are found here: Import from OrCAD Capture

Thank you I will try that for the schematics, but what about the Allegro PCB conversion?

I have been able to import Allegro layouts, however if I go to edit the layout, to delete a pour for example, the tool crashes.

Can you send support your design id so we can figure out whats happening with the crashes.

Design ID: e55b8842c488bdae
It is very repeatable, delete any pour.
I have been working with Carmen on importing Allegro designs, she has more details regarding the issues I have seen, I just thought I would share my experience here since I saw the topic.

I am very encouraged by Allegro imports so far, there are just a couple of issues however, such as this one, that have prevented imports I have attempted from being usable. Please keep me up to date on any changes in this functionality and also let me know of any way I can help.

Perfect, thanks. We’re on it.

Which version of allegro are you using? and does it keep all the constraints after importing?