All my projects went missing?



I had several ongoing projects (more than 7), they all appear to have disappeared and replaced with 4 “Untitled Design” folders with NO content. This appears to have coincided with new updates.

Where are my projects now?


I’m sorry to hear that you having troubles with the tool. Could you provide a little bit more details? What kind of projects you have (private / public)? Do you remember any project names? Were you using folders for your designs?
Thank you


I see 10 private designs and one module under Cardinal team and 3 private designs under your profile.
Could you please make sure that you’re working in the correct context?

  • Projects were mostly private.
  • I didn’t use folders, the Individual projects were listed in the dashboard along with the “Tutorial board”, which is the only labelled design that remains
  • Multiple project names, from the downloaded Gerber files I think one would be “BCA Control V3 Daughter Board”. Another one would be “Motor Driver V3”. Another project would be “SubD 25 to Sullins 26 IDC”.




Thanks, you are correct they were under the “Team Files”, I haven’t been into Upverter since the update. The new UI opened up on my profile designs, I didn’t realize they were there (must of created those blank designs when I first started using/learning Upverter).