Aligning and Snapping Objects


The snap-to-guides feature helps you align components, vias, or traces to other nearby objects. Enable snapping to guides by clicking in the lower right corner.

You can also simply snap to grid. Hold the Shift key to temporarily toggle the snap setting between “guides” and “grid”.

In the majority of cases you will want to snap to guides (especially when routing traces). But you can speed up the performance of the editor by setting the Snap setting to grid by default and engaging snap-to-guides using the Shift key only when you need it. If you zoom in you will focus the snap guides only to the objects you see.

Here’s a video showing how it works.

Align components in layout

We’ve recently released several major enhancements to our Snap-Align system. Starting today, you should expect:

  • Faster overall response from snap and align, particularly on large designs
  • Smarter snapping to object outlines and centres

Have a sticky situation where snap and align isn’t performing the way you’d expect? Live chat our engineering team, or reply here!


is there any info on how i can align and re order parts in pcb layout ie i have 300 plus leds that need to be spaced precisely and aligned to each other
i did see some talk of this feature being wanted
thanks oliver