Align traces: space evenly


Hi, I’m trying to create one of those PCB rulers and I have a few traces which I want to space evenly, but I’m failing to understand how the “space evenly” command works.

I’ve tried selecting all the traces and hit the command button, but I keep getting an error message: “Make selection to space”

Anyone can tell me what am I doing wrong?


Hi @rlogiacco,

Currently the tool is for spacing components. Traces are on the list of elements that we are still adding to the spacing tool. We are still making to tool better. This is on the list of improvements.

This will take a little longer, but as a work around, if you add a net to each of them and have a copper to copper rule set, the clearance guild will allow you to space them evenly.

Hope this helps a little,



Thanks Michael, good point, even if a little cumbersome.


I am new here
thank you