Adding project info template


Is there any way to add a project info template to the schematics so the schematics output looks more professional? Something like this:


There is not at the moment, but I can think of a couple work arounds. If you send me an Altium schematic file with nothing but a blank template, I will see if I can make something to get it into a design.


Thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately, I do not have Altium or any other software for that matter, I just picked that image from Google


OK, I should be able to find one somewhere, give me a little time to find something and try to make something that you can use in your design.


That’s awesome thanks a lot! Could you please make it with the following attributes:

  • Project name
  • date
  • schematic version
  • author
  • client
  • Empty box for logo

Thanks again


Hello mwoodworth33, did you manage to create the template?

Thank you


I ran into an issue with my original plan, but I have another idea that I am working on. I am on a plane most of today, but have asked for some help testing it out while hoping that I can get you something soon.



A simple way to do it would be to make one in the part editor. I made one and this is what it look like:

I named it “info-template” but I don’t know if the parts I create are visible to other users.


I can’t see it on the parts database but that’s a good idea, I’ll try out, thanks