Adding Contributor Problem

I did a search on “Contributor Not Added”, “Contributor Added” and a few other things and got no matches, which struck me as strange. Perhaps there really isn’t anything out there. So I’ll create a post.

I am trying to add someone as a contributor. I put in their e-mail address, select the contributor permission I want (editor) and click Invite. And nothing happens. I have added contributors in the past. This is the first time nothing happened. Anyone have ideas on why Joel is not showing up?

Is it possible I inadvertantly clicked on something blocking him? I really don’t know.

I went to another computer, signed on, and it worked there. Don’t get it, why I could not add Joel on my workstation, but bottom line got it done. So issue is closed.

This is nearly three years later, but if I remember correctly here was the problem and the solution.

Problem: I tried issuing an invitation to someone from my computer at home. This did not work, the invitation never went out. (I just tried it again from home, but for a new contributor/collaborator, and I tried it all three ways one can do this, and none worked.)

Solution (in 2020): I went to the local university (NDSU) and some of my students logged onto the university network. I then brought up a browser and logged into upVerter. When we issued invitations from there, the invitations went out.

2023 solution? It has not been fixed yet. I have not gone back to the university. So nothing to report at this time.