3D model not rendering on layout 3d view

I’m trying to see the 3d layout of pcb with the components. But it only shows the board with the different layers, and the step file renderings of the components aren’t visible.

Could not find a button or so to display this.

Not all components in the Upverter library have 3D STEP files associated with them and you will only see models for components that do. I’m not 100% positive where the models come from, but I believe they are downloaded directly from Octopart. If octopart doesn’t have the model, then Upverter doesn’t have the model.

The project (https://upverter.com/design/upverter/stk673-112m-3-phase-stepper-driver-testing-board/) does have the step files, but the 3d cad is not shown in the display.

The render used as a project image is not from the Upverter interface. The design is from 2016 and the components are custom. There are no 3D models in the library for custom parts.

To clarify, this is what I see in upverter layout page after clicking 3d layout,

and this is the view I expect:

But you are saying that the latter isn’t from upverter, and not possible to see the 3d component models ?

That is correct. As I said, the parts are custom and unverified from a significantly older upverter release.

It would be possible to update the design by swapping each of the old parts with their equivalent verified part from the updated library.

Is having a 3D model a make-or-break requirement of your project?

Yes, we’d need a 3d model to be really useful. Could you point to a project that has the 3d model already?

It appears that the original design was done in Altium CircuitMaker prior to being imported to Upverter. I recommend you use CircuitMaker for any 3D models you may need.