3D Model Editor?

Hey guys. I wanted to know how I can edit either a component’s or the overall design’s 3D models? I use the 3D model to properly design a casing to adequately house the circuit. (or rather I hand this model off to my team’s casing designer to use)

The final exported 3D model is missing several crucial components. It only really shows like 5 capacitors + resistors, when I am more concerned about my outboard panel mount power switch toggle and DC jack. Also it would be nice for the model to include my other ICs, modules, and three JST connectors used for batteries & board connections. The current model is really just a rectangle with a handful of cap/resistor shapes-- with looooong leads on the backside.

Am I missing something? I don’t mind painstakingly adding 3D models to the individual components, as long as the final product comes out correct. I also would ask the Upverter team via Chat, but that seems to have disappeared about a week or two ago?


Short answer the concierge is the the only way right now. We are working on it, it is a top line item for us but is going to take time.

We are working on a way to have everyone add 3d models to their component, but right now we are using pretty special way that we cannot have everyone use or it would break :(.

All components requested through the Concierge will have 3D models, if you need it, you can make the request and we will add it.

Components that are made with (most) generators will automatically create when the 3D models of the board is created. This unfortunately not helpful for things like connectors.