198-ball BGA showing up as multiple blocks in schematic?

I’ve got a 198-ball BGA that the concierge made that shows as 3 separate parts in the schematic! While trying to fix by hand I discovered that t’s impossible to unify into a single square in the Upverter “Component Editor”. What’s the deal with this? The part is here, try it out for yourself: https://upverter.com/upn/9ee23f31071127d4/

I think that’s fairly standard at least in my experience. In fact I would expect it to be subdivided even further. 198 pins is a lot to cram into one logical (schematic) space.

Ah, yes I see that the concierge assigned different ‘Sub-Symbols’ in the Pin Manager when he created the part. When I tried to join them togethor it appears it reverted to it’s 3 separate parts on save based on the 3 Sub-Symbols which I did not see to change.

I’ve successfully merged the 3 blocks now, thanks.