Where should I get PCBs manufactured?

Any recommendations for reliable bare PCB manufacturers for quick-turn prototyping?

Our go-to bare PCB manufacturers for prototypes:

  • Oshpark. Good prices, easy-to-use interface, rock-solid reliability of service.
  • Seeedstudio. Cheap because they’re in China, but turnaround time is longer.
  • APCircuits. Very fast (next day for 2-layer prototypes), easy-to-use interface, excellent customer service.

We’ve also recently had an excellent experience with Circuits Central for assembly and ITL Circuits for bare boards.


We’ve recently implemented Oshpark’s file naming scheme for our Gerber Exports, so you should find it super easy to work with them.

(see: http://upverter.com/announcements/#oshpark)

http://dirtypcbs.com/ is also pretty good.

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This price comparison website can help too:


Amazing, I did not know about pcbshopper!

another that I should mention is PlaceDroid for small batch assembly

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they offer more ‘mix’ than Seed, are cheaper , also have flex and they will accept ‘out of the standard’ designs.
i had a 4 layer 50cm by 30 cm board with 6/6 track gap 10 mil drills, inside cutouts , the whole shebang

i paid 400$ for 10 boards on a 5 day turn.

having the same board done by the ‘locals’ would have been 5 times that price.

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