What's going well in Upverter from a NOOB Perspective

I’m a new user. I want to relate my experience. Before Upverter, I looked at subscription to Eagle. I downloaded KiCad and tinkered. In short, I was overwhelmed.

Feel the future of elec CAD design is here at Upverter. Love the smoothness and layout. A triumph of modern Javascript. Super impressed. Great product. Thank you.

Favorite Upverter parts:

  • Helpful videos esp this 1,2 series (tutorial)
  • Love the hotkeys, TAB, 1 and 2 for top, bottom copper. “A” and “S” are my favorites.
  • Love the look esp in dark mode
  • Love the predictive trace
  • Appreciate the easiness of finding/placing component
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Thanks for the feedback! :smile:

Feel free to share your experiences, successes and challenges as your work progresses. I also watch the forum for feature requests and bug reports, and relay those to the dev team.