What is your favorite development board?

Hey all! In the last couple of years there’s a been an explosion of new dev boards on the market, especially with the rise of crowdfunded projects (Spark, Mojo, etc…). We know all too well that it can be overwhelming to choose the right one out of so many options - so we’d like to do a quick survey on what people’s favorite/ go-to development boards are here within our community?

Please post your choices below.


By far, my favourite go-to board is the Raspberry Pi. For nearly anything I could want to do with it, someone has already written a guide that helps me get started. It’s also convenient that I can do all the data processing and web services from the same board, and all using the Linux programming toolchains I’m already familiar with. Even adding Wi-Fi isn’t a problem thanks to the 4 USB ports on the B+ and the Pi 2.

I have also happily used Arduino and Electric Imp, but having the dev board host its own development environment is pretty handy.

I am looking into a project that uses the Intel Edison as I want something i can embed into a project. I also have the udoo and parallela for other Linux boards. I have not done any projects with them yet though. I am not sure why but I have not felt the pull of the Pi …