Upverter has been acquired by Altium

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I have some very exciting news: We’ve been acquired by Altium.

Altium shares our vision for a powerful, collaborative new style of product design software. We’ve joined Altium to make this vision a reality. To finish what we started at Upverter.

We also removed our paid professional account tier. From now on the best, most feature-full, most powerful version of Upverter will be our only version. It will always be free to use.

We’re joining forces with Altium because we think we can move faster, innovate faster, and grow faster together than we could apart.

The most important thing is a world filled with thousands, and thousands of new IOT devices and products - and that you bring your product to life. We’re partnering with Altium because it enables us, to enable you, to make that world a reality - better than we ever could on our own.

Thanks for all of your support over the years. Your feedback, your trust, your amazing projects, and your love fuelled us. We got here together - and we’re so deeply grateful for that. I’m excited to open this new chapter with you - we’re going to do so many remarkable things together over the next few years.

Ask if you’ve got questions!


Congratulations! Looking forward to more details on how this impacts the Upverter roadmap.

Best regards on the new venture, congratulations.

It is usually a time to lose focus, there are quite a few users here that may start looking elsewhere. Start tapping the new resources soon, including an accountable for this forum.

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@Danyol We are still very focused on making Upverter an amazing tool for you. We would love for you to stick with us, I truly believe you like what you see going forward!



The ECAD drawings in say Mouser - can we now download these into Upverter since Altium has acquired Upverter? If so, how does one do it?

Which ECAD drawings are you referring to? If you’re referring to footprints and schematic symbols, then I can say that there is a constant inflow of components into the Upverter parts library, in collaboration with Octopart. In fact you can often link directly to a component’s upverter part page from the Octopart interface.

OK, I will look into that, link to Octopart.

Yes, I am referring to the schematic symbol and the footprint. In Mouser.com, many to most of the parts have ECAD drawings (schematic & footprint, and sometimes 3D image). I have used Design Spark in addition to Upverter. In Design Spark, one can download the ECAD drawing if one cannot find the part in the Design Spark libraries. Altium allows for this too. Upverter does not. Perhaps the Octopart things will be a good substitute.

I have created three parts in Upverter now and the PCBs turned out fine. I don’t mind creating parts, but they do take time to make. It would be nice if they could be verified.