Upverter DevX Discussion Group

Welcome to the Upverter Education Discussion Group!

This is a dedicated channel to support education.upverter.com

Looking forward to exploring and learning about what all the DevX team members are creating and developing!

Thanks for inviting us to this!

Is there a suggested format we should be using for reporting bugs and issues?

We will have to get back to you on this. For now, just post as much information as you can provide either here or in ‘Upverter Support’ and I will iron out the details with the dev team.
A good general for mat would be:
Description: A brief explaination of what happened.
Design ID: this can be the URL, name, or numerical index of the design. That last one shows up in the URL as well.
Steps to Reproduce: Try and find a way to make the bug occur consistently and then provide step-by-step instructions.
Details: If error messages are displayed, what do they say? If you are redirected, what page does it take you to? Is it destructive to your design? Etc.

This is a good start, but not a fixed structure. Put down what you feel relevant.
make sure you add me to the post. Just put @keith-lee-gstix in there and I’ll get pinged right away.

Also, feel free to submit any feature requests or suggestions you may have.