uBeam - Electrical Engineer

Description: Electrical Engineer - Junior to Senior Levels Required

Seeking Electrical Engineers to work on uBeam transmitter and receiver systems. Senior level candidates should have experience / qualifications matching the majority of requirements, junior level candidates with more limited experience are desired as well, and will be additionally trained on-the-job.

EE candidates will be responsible for the design, integration, and qualification of the electronics systems. The ideal candidate has designed high volume, high power, high-quality consumer electronics products with a consistent focus on product design as well as attention to detail. The candidate will work closely with in-house and contract engineering teams (EE, Acoustic) to develop complete solutions. They will work with the rest of the team to design, develop, and bring the products from concept to production.

Applicant are desired with experience in the following areas:

Electrical engineering design/engineering/build/test
Acoustic transducer driver (or low frequency power amplifier) & interface electronics
Electronics simulation (eg SPICE), design optimization, and model iteration using experimental data
Mixed signal (analog & digital) ASIC design
Battery charging and power management electronics
Microcontroller programming and architecture
PCB design, engineering, build, and test experience
Key differentiator is specific experience in all common methods of PCB fabrication and assembly (etch/mill/stencil/pick-place/etc)
Design AND build experience with high density PCBs
Chip-on-board & flex circuit design experience
Consumer electronics design experience
Electronics production and manufacturing experience
Experience in selecting EE components, writing detailed electrical specification of the system interface, and test plan documents
Communication of design requirements to fabrication houses
Define Design for Manufacturing (DFM) guidelines
Prototype build, test, and debugging
Working with vendors/suppliers/manufacturing partners
Experience in analyzing trade-offs between performance, manufacturability and cost

About uBeam: http://ubeam.com/

uBeam beams electricity through the air to wirelessly charge electronic devices. It is the charging analog to Wi-Fi. Our team is comprised of world-class multidisciplinary inventors, where the word “impossible” is not part of our lexicon. We take pride in solving complex technological problems quickly, across many fields. At uBeam, we go from PowerPoint to prototype in a month or less. We’re on a mission to untether the world, and we’re in search of new blood to join the team.
We’re seeking hands-on, dedicated people who are driven to push the boundaries of technology, people who are not looking for a typical 9-to-5 desk job, who are looking to make tectonic shifts in the world of electricity.

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