Sourcing Displays

Where’s the best place to source displays for either a prototype or larger manufacturing run? There seems to be a disconnect between some of the “hobbyist” modules and industrial-grade components – and displays seem to be particularly poorly served by DigiKey, Arrow, etc.

For example, I was able to find that the iPad Retina Display is really a LP097QX1 from LG Displays, and that AdaFruit happens to sell them individually – but this seems like a one-off. Where would I be able to find a more comprehensive source / comparison of modern displays for, say, tablets, phones, watches, etc?

From AdaFruit:

Also interesting: a successful Kickstarter for an independent DisplayPort package of the LP097QX1.

As a sort of secondary question: what about finding “last generation” displays? Are they generally still manufactured? Would tablet-sized non-retina displays be expected to be available at a reasonable discount? Would supply chain be an obvious concern 6 months down the road?