Private Components and Modules

We want to start 2015 with a powerful new enterprise feature: private components and modules, as well as a full parts library management system.

Beginning today, Standard, Plus, and Enterprise customers will have the choice of including any new parts in our Global Parts Library, or whether to restrict access to a private library accessible only to their team. Community Edition users, as well as Starter Package customers will continue to share their components with our staggering 1.4 million part library.

While we continue to believe that an open, transparent culture around component data and the engineering marketplace is ultimately the best for everyone involved, we understand that contractual relationships (Non-Disclosure Agreements, etc) can frequently restrict engineers from sharing their library information with friends and colleagues.

Private Libraries guarantee that only users who have been explicitly granted permission to view the library are able to do so, as well as any users with permission to view a design.

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