Power supply board, 504W

Hello everybody,

This is my first design here and I would like some review if possible.
Since it is working with pretty high voltage, I want to be sure everything is ok.

Here is my design : https://upverter.com/tvanliefde/6d1ac0002f8cdfc3/Card-power-supply-500W/

I actually have major problem which is to pour the output. Since I will have 28V 18A out, instead of doing really large trace I wanted to pour all the zone but I am not really familiar with the poor tool. The only help I could find was to do pour with GND. I don’t really know what to put in Net attachment (+V, +S, 28V ?) and which net should be in the pour.

If someone could review this design and give me some advices, that would be perfect :smile:

Thanks a lot


Hi Thomas,

The link doesn’t work!



It should be good now, the project was on private…

Sorry for the mystake



It should be good now :

Thanks a lot


If you’re wondering how to specify the pour’s net connection it is the “Net Attachment” option when you inspect the pour from the layout page.

Actually rereading sounds like you know that. I think I know the issue now - you need to “name” the net(s) on the schematic side something other than their default as they depart from U41 (+V, -V). I’d name them something like V18_0P and V18_0N (P for positive, N for negative). I’m not sure from the design if that’s AC or DC. I’m sure something you come up with will be fine.

Now that those specific nets are named you can now specify the Net Attachment field for each pour as “V18_0P” or “V18_0N”.

I think that should get you where you need to be but let us know if you need better help.


The other thing I noticed is that I think your Samtec connector is incorrect - I believe it’s a 2 position jack but you have 6 positions for the physical layout. Just double check the connector that’s all.


Thanks a lot for your help ! ^^
Here is an update : https://upverter.com/tvanliefde/6d1ac0002f8cdfc3/Card-power-supply-500W/
I added the pour as you told me. I increased size of my traces since it will be high voltage/current.
I checked the datasheet of the Samtec connector but I don’t think there is a problem with the connector. I did the 2 positions but it is true that it is weird I need to have 6 positions at the end.

Thanks again for your help