PCB quality check?

Hi i wanted to see if anyone has worked with pcb manufacturers and tried to get fusions done? I am not sure on the quality performance and wanted to get some recommendations before I pull the trigger with this manufacturer. Notes

I’ve used Seeedstudio fusion a bunch of times and I’m very happy with the quality, price and delivery time.

PCBway is fantastic with circuits made here in Upverter. For a small circuits (min is ~25x100mm) it costs about $25 for 15-20 circuit boards with 3-4 day turnaround. Add in international shipping with DHL brings it to under $50 total and delivery times about 5-10 days after fabrication. Fantastic fab quality, $1-2 a board, and less than two weeks total turnaround coming from China! Sometimes I get lucky and they upgrade me for a free and I have it within a week! Can’t beat that.