PCB design cost for 0.4mm pitch bga, 0.1mm drill hole, 4-layer routing using via-in-pad

Hi dear all,

I am doing a development board for a IC with 36 WLCSP package. My PCB layout has 16 via over pads, minimum 0.1mm drill holes, 4-layers. I need to fabricate my PCB. And I could not find a exact pricing for PCBs in the required design quality. I sent sample Gerber file for some PCB manufacturers. And they replied with extreme high prices and can’t afford their pricing (eg: 200$ for 10 boards with 2.5cm * 2.5cm). And most of manufactures are not willing to share their pricing strategy to optimize my design

  • My target is to deliver my demo board for the lowest price (to make it lower than 10$, while component cost arround 6.5$. So I need to keep the PCB cost lower than 2$ with the minimum area of 2cm * 2cm. Could I achieve that much lower PCB cost?
  • And what are the possible PCB fabricators with lower cost?
  • What would be the unit PCB cost if fabricate at least 500 boards?
  • Should I I give-up my project?

Thank you

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Hey there,

  • Try emailing OSHpark. I don’t know if they do via-in-pad, but if they can manufacture your board, it will be around $35 for 10 boards.
  • You can also try Seeedstudio. Again, I’m not sure about via-in-pad.
  • Do you absolutely need via-in-pad?
  • Yes your unit cost will drop dramatically at a quantity of 500
  • No you shouldn’t give up! Consider the options above and reply back here. We’ll try to help make this work.
  • If your design is public, share it here and we can take a look. If it’s private, just PM me.


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let me know if you need help with assembly or a DFM review.



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