Microsoft introduces its HoloLens headset

In software, nothing is impossible," Alex Kipman, one of Microsoft’s developers who helped develop the Kinect, said. “At best, things are improbable. And with a little bit of luck and a lot of pixie dust, the improbable becomes possible.”

Holographic capabilities are enabled inside every Windows 10 build, according to Kipman, “from the little screens to the big screens to no screens at all.” Kipman specifically called out holographic developers: with Windows 10, it’s possible.

It’s too early to see what this specific tech will result in, but Microsoft has been sneakily doing amazing work for a while now.

All of this augmented reality tech seems really whimsical. It’s a little hard to imagine what it’ll actually be useful for. It was the same thing with Google’s Glass.

Hopefully Microsoft executes well on the hardware, and someone comes up with a killer app. They deserve a win.