Mega Hackathon: Hack the Home! $5000, April 10-11, 2015

FirstBuild is running a great 2-day hackathon focused around innovations for the home.
First prize is $5000!

Register here.

More Info
This is a 2-day event where you can make Sci-Fi become reality! Hack the Home is a Hackathon where you can gather with Makers, Techies, Engineers, and Artists/Designers to come up with the home of the future. So start thinking of what you would want in your home to make your life easier, and join FirstBuild and our Sponsors on April 10-11th, 2015.

Starting April 10th, we will hear from our Sponsors. They will discuss their company, any product they have available for the event, and any prize they are offering.

The Hacking/Making will begin after the Sponsor talks and continue to late on the 11th. During the Hacking/Making, you will have access to the following tools:

3D printers
Laser Cutters
Water Jet
CNC Mill
Bridgeport Mill
Toolroom Lathe
Sheetmetal cutting, bending, and forming
Welding (MIG, TIG, Stick, Plasma, Spot and Oxy/Acetylene)
Hand Powertools
Drill Press
Woodworking (table saw, miter saw, band saw, jointer, planer)
Circuit Board Mill
Reflow Oven
Soldering stations
Power Supplies

With all these tools and our awesome Sponsors, what could you and your team create in about 24 hours?