Long term concern of having designs on cloud software

I’m really liking the Upverter software and it addresses many issues that I hate about Eagle and KiCad. You guys are really onto something from ease of use standpoint.

My huge concern is what happens if I design all of my products in Upverter and then they shut the service down sometime in the future.

I know they have exports but will they really import cleanly into another software? What about all of the parts I’ve paid for or created?

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I think all you have to do is look around at how old most forum posting from Upverter people are. Then look at how many say a feature is just about ready to be released. Then notice that it’s been 2 years or so, and the feature doesn’t exist. This is particularly maddening when you’re reading about a feature that used to exist and is maybe even mentioned in tutorial videos and help, but the feature has been taken out to “make things better” or “to be replaced with something much better”.

In other words, Upverter looks a lot like it’s on autopilot. The service is pretty nice, but I would not count on seeing anything you don’t already see. Maybe Altium is going to make some investment; maybe not. I don’t count on it.

I’m not trying to be negative on purpose. I just think it should be clear what the situation is or at least seems to be.

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I completely agree.

I’m hoping someone from upverter will respond with something reassuring.