Introducing Upverter Education

We are excited to announce our new education program for anyone looking to increase their design & engineering skills. Our series of introductory courses tech Design Fundamentals and Engineering Essentials through a beginners lenses. The program was designed with distance learning in mind and perfect for any young makers looking to experience a new tool.

Enroll in our free certification program today at:

And check out our intro video for the program:

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Hello and thank you Stewart.
I am trying to start Unit1 but the menu is greyed out and seems disabled.
Any idea what is missing/wrong?


Hi Amir,
Are you logged into the website? All of the course material is provided for free, but you do need an account in order to follow the courses. The platform we are using to provide education resources doesn’t tie directly into your Upverter account.

@keith-lee-gstix - thanks for this quick response.
Yes I am logged in and have attached a screenshot to make sure all is OK.
I cannot click on any of the articles (Introduction, Learn Fundamental Vocabulary, etc.)

There’s a link at the top of the page that says “Enroll with Email”. Once you’ve enrolled, you’ll be able to open the course from your ‘dashboard’.

Thanks again Keith - I had tried that of course, but it didn’t work. Now it does for some reason.
So all good for now :slight_smile: