Introducing Modular Design - Big News for Upverter

We’ve got some really exciting news to share with you!

Altium is merging Geppetto Modular and Upverter Circuit Designer together to give our design community the ultimate in convenience and ease of use. The future of upverter is exciting, with further integrations on the horizon.

Now, you can do everything through the new Upverter Modular platform—design PCBs, share designs for review and manufacturing custom boards. Plus, of course still access the Upverter Circuit design tool you know and love.

With the new, improved Upverter platform, you’ll have easy access to:

  1. Simple drag-and-drop modular designer
  2. Automatic Board Support Package
  3. Free and easy CAD downloads
  4. Altium Viewer
  5. Pretesting and order on demand

…And that’s just the beginning!

As an existing Upverter user, you will still be able to access your original account and all of your saved design files. To access your archived account and the Upverter Circuit Design tool dashboard, simply click the Upverter Circuit link from the bottom left footer or access the Upverter Dashboard at as usual to start a circuit design.

Upverter-Link (1)

We’re also working on a brand-new, user-friendly interface with enhanced software to make your projects flow even more smoothly. We’ll give you a heads up before the new UI is rolled out, too–just so there’s no surprises.

To ensure that we continue to make Upverter the ultimate tool for your designs, we welcome your feedback–please let us know how we can improve the platform as we implement these new features.

We look forward to what we can create together!

The Upverter Team

P.S.: Make sure to try the free documentation downloader and check out the new reference designs in the new Upverter Modular Design tool.

what was wrong with the old pcb / layout it worked just fine

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Hey @froy - Absolutely nothing - the classic Upverter Circuit Environment is not going anywhere and has more exciting development on the horizon.

The Modular Design Environment is engineered to provide common building blocks for embeded systems, robotics development and more, allowing complex PCB layouts to come together in minutes.

Optimized for Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Google Coral, Nvidia Jetson Nano, Toradex & Pixhawk carrier board development, the modular design environment simplifies both prototyping & manufacturing PCB’s.

Both design environments are great ways to design PCB’s in the browser and we will continue to build a more comprehensive integration between the tools. Unique to the modular environment is our automated device tree generation as well as our board support packages.

If you want to access your Circut Design Projects - the URL will remain

Many Thanks,

Stewart & The Upverter Team

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That is interesting. The classic Upverter has been abandoned. It has been unusable for almost two months. No response from anyone.

Why should anyone use this new “modular” thing knowing that Altuim could just pull it, and wipe their designs, without warning?

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Since you - stewartpressney2 - are (apparently) in Altium’s development team, can you provide us with an update on Upverter, and specifically the Classic Circuit Editor.

I would also like to know if we can export, from Upverter, parts that we have created in Classic Upverter to CircuitMaker.

I have not yet used CircuitMaker - if it is better than Upverter, then I may go to it rather than to say KiCad or some other tool should Upverter go away or become unusable.

There are portions of the Classic Circuit Editor in Upverter that already seem unusable - such as the ability to add a Collaborator.

It is because of issues like that (the collaborator issue) and the dearth of posts here in the Upverter Forums by Upverter staff, and the unwillingness of Altium help desk people to give us any information, that it seems to me that Upverter has been abandoned except for one being able to login.

So any updates on what is happening (or not happening) with Upverter Classic Circuit Editor that you can provide would be helpful. Those of us who are designing circuits, and not doing Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc design maybe do not need the modular design part of the ‘new’ Upverter. Classic might be the better option for us.

Support people at Altium notified me in a 22 October 2023 e-mail that Altium no longer supports Upverter.