How do HW Startups measure NPS and Customer Satisfaction?

Net Promoter Score (NPS) has become one of the most popular ways to measure customer satisfaction.

In a software product it seems easy to find natural places in the user’s workflow to throw a popup box and ask the NPS question (“How likely are you to refer us…”)

But in a hardware product, how are different HW startups measuring this?

This is actually really easy and revolves around face-to-face interactions with early customers. Luckily, the NPS question is only a sentence and can be asked/answered super quickly. The key is to sit down with customers to get feedback rather than throw a dialog box up on a website.


I’ve had decent experiences with products that send me triggered emails some period of time after I activate my device. I think the workflow they use is:

  • Sell / ship / etc product
  • User unboxes, turns it on
  • As part of the turn-on / app install / etc they need to enter their email address
  • Watch for data on usage
  • If they use it, email and ask them about their experience
  • If they don’t use it, email tips / support.