Holiday Hobbyist Plan: Additional Info

Hey all,

I got very excited by the Holiday Specials sent out over email this morning, but found little information about what exactly the plan included. After talking to @mwoodworth33 I got some answers, and now want to share it with all of you.

Features Included:
Unlimited Private Projects
Public Team Collaboration
Access to Verified Parts
CAM Export
NDA Parts
Hierarchical Designs
… and every else listed in the starter plan

Not Included:
Private Team Collaboration
3D Preview (though that might maybe no promises change in the future)
Parts Concierge (though anyone can currently buy a 10 pack for $150 if you’d like them to take care of some tricky parts)
The forthcoming Simulation feature (though that might also get an a la carte option)

So this plan is basically the Professional Plan minus a couple laborious/premium features. I was also told the plan would be grandfathered into new features as they come out (though laborious/premium features will probably continue to cost extra).

To get the plan, go here:

Happy Holidays!

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Just wanted to clarify that collaboration is an organization level feature, so the public/private collaboration is not quite accurate. Regardless of project privacy, the project must be owned by an organization in order for the organization members to collaborate on it.

Thanks for posting these details, I had the same questions.

An additional question:

If I get the perpetual hobbyist account, and then find the Pro account makes more sense in the future - can I upgrade the account to the Pro? I assume I can, and it means I just start paying monthly/annually.

Assuming I can - if I discontinue the Pro account later on - does my account downgrade back to this perpetual Hobbyist account? Again, it seems like it clearly should - but I don’t want to assume that.

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Hi @digistump,

Yes, you can upgrade your account to Pro if you find that you need to take advantage of those features.

If you downgrade after that, you will need to reach out to us to restore your perpetual hobbyist account.

Sorry but what exactly does API/Scripting mean? This topic has been broached a number of times by myself and almost no explanation of what it is has been given.

I’m not trying to be difficult about this but I’m sure you can understand my hesitation for handing over yet MORE money given the lack communication and execution of your existing packages/product lines. I mean as soon as tomorrow rolls around it means I’ll have already handed over $375 with only 40 (extremely) slowly delivered concierge parts to show for it and a WHOLE lot of bug reports which still have yet to be acknowledged.

I’m just saying. Seems like a bit of a stretch to keep asking for more money but maybe this special isn’t directed at me.

I did receive another holiday special (via email) regarding a $5000 offer. Again I’m kinda wondering where the heck that came from. More like wtf?! Why so quick to keep asking for more money? $5K? Seriously?

Hi @ekeyser,

I understand that our support has not been as immediate as you would like, and as the one who does most of the bug-related support load management in between doing development, I apologize for that. I will go and respond to your bug reports in our support system as best and as soon as I can, but I cannot guarantee fast fixes nor time estimates.

API/Scripting refers to the scripts pane in the right sidebar.

This hobbyist plan is directed to users who are not interested in concierge nor the full professional offering.

The services special is directed to anyone who may be interested in utilizing our electrical engineering resources to do design related work, such as schematic review, pcb layout, and board manufacturing and assembly. If none of these services interest you, you may disregard that special.

Maybe there is an obvious answer to this but how does the script pane become visible/active?

Or Simulation for that manner (I see it below in your screenshot)?

Hi @ekeyser,

My apologies, I had to amend a feature check for the scripts pane. It should now be enabled for all paying users.

The simulation pane is a coming-soon feature and is not accessible at this time.